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Skateboard Size Information

What size deck should I buy?
We offer decks in a variety of widths and lengths. The size that you buy is personal preference, however, the size of the skater should be taken into account. A larger person can handle a wider board. We offer deck widths starting at 7.5" and going up to 8.375". If you're not sure, a safe bet is 7.75". It's a size that anybody can handle, and most are comfortable with. Lengths vary between 31.0" and 32.0", and we've found that any length in that range works well for any size skater. We also carry a couple of decks in the 29" range for younger kids. Long boards are a different animal. They are much longer and wider, as big as 9" or 10" wide and as long as 47". Tricks are not what long boarders are after. The smooth fast ride is what they want, and the extra size gives them that. If that's what you're looking for, bigger is better.

What size trucks should I buy?
Trucks are sized in inches and millimeters, and the size refers to the width of the "hanger". The hanger is the part of the truck that holds the axle. The width of the axle itself is what you need to know to match it up to your deck. The following chart will help you determine the correct size to buy. Truck sizes listed are the maximum recommended size (in yellow) for a given deck width. It's OK to use a narrower truck than deck, but try to stay with in a quarter of an inch.

Trucks any wider than those listed are designed for long boarding. If you are still not sure what size to get, a 5.0 or 126 works well with most decks.

What size wheels should I buy?
Wheel diameters are measured in millimeters. Sizes normally range from 50 mm to 62 mm for street skating. Larger, and softer wheels are used for long boards and range in size from 65 mm to 75 mm. The larger the wheel, the higher the profile of the truck needs to be, otherwise you risk "wheel bite" on sharp turns. Low profile trucks are good with wheels up to 54 mm in diameter. Anything larger than that requires that you add riser pads, or you need to go to a higher profile truck. Wheel size is really personal preference, but there is one thing that you need to be aware of. The larger the wheel the faster you can go. If you're still not sure what size wheel to get, the safe bet is 54 mm. It's the most commonly used wheel size in skating.

How do I know that the bearings I buy will fit the wheels I buy?
Bearing size is standard in skating, so all skate bearings fit all skate wheels. They are called 608 precision bearings and are rated in ABEC. ABEC stands for Annular Bearing Engineers' Committee. This committee works to determine the standards for bearings for the Anti-Friction Bearing Manufacturers Association (AFBMA). All 608 precision bearings are rated at least ABEC 1. The higher the rating a bearing gets the tighter the tolerances are. In other words the closer the fit. The bottom line is the higher the ABEC rating the smoother the ride for a skater, however the ABEC rating has nothing to do with the QUALITY of the bearing. Cheap bearings are generally made of a lower grade of steel, which means they just won't last as long. The inexpensive bearings that we sell have been tested by us, and we have found that they hold up very well. Of course the brand names like Quickies, which are made specifically for skating, hold up better.

What do I need to build a complete skateboard?
A complete skateboard consists of a minimum of 6 components. They are:
  • A Deck
  • A Set of Two Trucks
  • A Set of Four Wheels
  • A Set of Eight Bearings
  • A Sheet of Griptape
  • A Mounting Hardware Kit

If you are using larger wheels, 56 mm or bigger, you may also want to add a Set of Riser Pads. In addition, no skater should be without a good Skate Tool. And they're really handy if you're going to assemble your own skateboard.
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